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tau-neke-neke = to be interactive; neke-neke = to approach something (Maori)

About us

We are a team of professional, energetic individuals with talented programmers and experienced consultants available to guide our clients through the flawless and timely execution of any digital project. Since day one, we have been delivering innovative, creative and unique digital products to our clients worldwide.


Dr. Suhrer holds a PhD in Bioinformatics and Genetics and is the founder of several (software) companies since the late 90s. neke-neke is the next step to merge the world of Hard- and Software to craft (digital) products users love.


Einstein said, you can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. neke-neke is built on disruptive thinking. We are firm believers that current problems need new ways of thinking to find sustainable solutions. That is why top industry leaders love the way we solve problems: with love, care and customer needs in mind. Read more in the careers section.

Our Latest Product: Meta-Operated

Our Response to Covid-19: Built for your Safety and Convenience

Get in touch with a new safety. Use your Smartphone to control public facing interfaces and objects - secure interaction with no need to touch. Enjoy the ease of remote accessibility.

Explore new Possibilities

Get in touch with new possibilities. Interact with objects like you never did before.

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Benefits of working at neke-neke

Remote Native

We do not need a pandemic to digitalize our company or to define how we work together. Work has to be done - that's a fact, but where is your decision.

Payment Above The Tariff

Exceptional work should be paid better than the average. Period.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Do you want to sit in the first row using emerging technologies? Be our guest!

Fun Place To Work

Low hierarchies, fast decisions, innovative projects, no psychos, everyday growing, killer surounding, ...

Employer-Financed Pension

Do you believe in state pension? Good Luck!

15 Monthly Salaries

We think you deserve it!

Life Long Learning

As little kids learning is fun - then comes school, then university - done. Get back on track and unearth the fun part.

Trusting Relationships

About one fourth of your lifetime you will spend in work. Do you really want to waste that time with unhealthy relationships?

International Top-Brands

When it is getting complicated they come to us.

Open Positions

What the scrum - or Kanban!?

  • Steering and coordination of (digital) projects and products
  • Very structured and pro-active
  • Very good communication and interaction skills
  • Development and establishment of quality standards and processes
  • WANTED: Skills in modern project management with Scrum, Kanban, etc.
  • WANTED: Good understanding of the "techie" heart and soul

Do you believe in Python and ML - we do!

  • OOP with Python
  • Machine Learning and data science experience with tools like Pandas, NumPy, TensorFlow, Keras, Jupyter Notebook, etc.
  • Implementation, optimization and deployment of Machine Learning models
  • Python test strategies
  • WANTED: Experience with Deep Learning and CNNs
  • WANTED: Cloud services experience like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
  • WANTED: Python for microcontroller programming (e.g. MicroPython)

If you do not believe that ephemeral infrastructure is the next generation warp drive - this is your job.

  • Shell scripting (Win, Mac & Linux)
  • Background in an OOP language like C#, C, C++, Python, etc.
  • Profound understanding of CICD and appropriate pipelines
  • How would you deploy and shut down a system of 20+ components in <10min?
  • Monitoring strategies
  • DevOps experience with at least one of the top four cloud providers: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or IBM Bluemix.
  • WANTED: AWS CDK, Azure DevOps
  • WANTED: Machine Learning and data science experience like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Jupyter Notebook, etc.
  • OPTIONAL: Terraform, Chef, Puppet, etc.

If you have never heard of arrow functions or think that Redux is a disease - this is not your passion.

  • ES6 and ReactJS with Redux
  • Hooks
  • JavaScript test strategies
  • Secure frontends with external authentication providers
  • Strategies to securely consume backend APIs
  • UX experience
  • WANTED: Experience with efficient cloud deployments
  • WANTED: iOS and/or Android experience
  • WANTED: Unity AR/VR/MR

What We Expect From You


If you don't like what you are doing - don't do it. We believe that you only achieve the expert level and more, if you really love what you are doing.

Be Honest - Be Yourself

A clever man once sang: Come as you are!

Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

Tired of following beaten paths? Welcome!


Be inspired and get inspired! We are looking forward to hear your ideas.

Willingness To Learn And Teach

A good day is a day when you learned something new. A perfect day is when you taught something new.

Find Solutions

We do not fokus on problems, but on solutions.

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